C# SDK Documentation


These pages provide documentation for Namespaces, Classes, Functions, and Variables within the MobiledgeX C# SDK.

Navigating the SDK Documentation

Use either the tabs or the treeview to find the desired page. There are two main sections: Classes and Modules. Classes will bring you to a list of all classes in the C# MobiledgeX SDK. Modules will bring you to a more organized breakdown of the C# SDK. The Modules are split up into Namespaces , Classes , Function Groups , and Exceptions . Each of these modules group similar classes, functions, or exceptions together. For example, all of the MatchingEngine API functions will be found under Modules -> Functions Groups -> MatchingEngine APIs.

Where to Start?

The main class that developers will be using is the DistributedMatchEngine.MatchingEngine (MatchingEngine) class inside the DistributedMatchEngine namespace. This class provides functions to register the user to the Distributed Matching Engine, find the nearest application instance, and then get a connection to that application instance that is ready to be used (See diagram below for workflow). Go to the sections: MatchingEngine APIs and GetConnection Functions to get started.